Client Testimonials

"I was amazed at how well your copyteam was able to get my business and communicate what were are all about on hold... the way the script was written has got my callers asking more questions and buying more".

Gunter Schramek, Elite Doors & Taps, Richmond,Victoria

Elite Door and Taps Hardware


"Your customer service was absolutely second to none. From the first interview to get an understanding of what my business was about, right through to installation, it was one of the easiest and most enjoyable experiences with a supplier I have had. Thanks so much."

Milton Collins, Campaspe House Hotel & Restaurant, Woodend, Victoria

Campaspe House Hotel & Restaurant


"We started off with an on hold solution at our head office and found that it was working so well we have now rolled it out across the country at other offices. The team at on hold helped make this corporate rollout really painless and easy"

Jan Minter, RH Minter Funeral Directors Suppliers, Oakleigh, Victoria

RH Minter Funeral Directors Suppliers


"Your team made the process just a breeze. They really got inside our business and created a series of messages that has resulted in callers asking more questions and now buying products they didn't previously, and I hardly lifted a finger"

David Stapleton, SL Distributors, Warrnambool, Victoria


"We are finding that the messages you created are really educating and informing our clients... it means we're no longer have to answer the same question over and over again, and we can now spend the time on the phone really helping our clients"

Peter Pollard, Logan City Joinery, Creastmead, Queensland



"Due to the sheer volume of product lines we sell, we found that most clients didn't know everything we did - the new on hold messages have been such an easy and effective way to educate and upsell callers to our slower moving products whilst they are waiting on hold... Its some of the best marketing we are doing"

Liam O'Donnell, LOD Promotions, Braeside, Victoria



"As a law firm it's important that we present a professional first impression to prospective clients and your on hold messages have certainly done that.  Everything from the music and voices to the way the messages are worded are a perfect extension of what we are doing when people walk through the door. Thanks."

Harriet Stevens, Herd Law, Woolloongabba, Queensland


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